Legend of the Five Rings


The characters begin the campaign in a small village in the Scorpion Lands. They have traveled to the town with their lords. They have been asked by the local magistrate to investigate a note that has arrived from the rem village of Mushi Mura stating “Need help. Send reinforcement quickly”.

The players accept and find themselves, 4 days later, in the small village. They are greeted by Takashi, who denies sending any message and shows them that the village is fine. The characters insist on staying the night and proceed to investigate as much as they can under the watchful eye of Takashi. After and awkward dinner in the evening the players sleep thru the night and begin to leave in the morning. The Lion Shugenja presses Takashi’s owner and eventually reveals that he is a spider clan bush who is here with a Moho Shugenja.

After a battle and the death of these two, the players find out that they were part of a cult living in a deserted Naga fort in the woods. The players assault the fort and destroy the cult only to realize that all of the villagers that were taken away have been sacrificed and mutilated.

When they get back to the Village, the real Takashi shows up. His curse has been lifted. He commits sepeku and the players have to make the decision to kill the tained villagers or report them back to the magistrate.

After reporting the village, they magistrate thanks them for sparing his villagers and tells them he will spread word of their glorious deed.

.5 Glory and 5 XP Given


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